10 Advantages of Injection Moulding

Plastic parts manufacturers prefer injection moulding as their production method, not only for its efficient production but also the versatile utilization. This article involves 10 advantages of injection moulding, which are the reasons why plastic injection moulding has become the most popular method for plastic parts mass production.





With this high production output rate, plastic injection moulding is high efficiency and fast production. Moulding speed usually has about 15-120 seconds as its cycle time. The short period between cycles allows moulding manufacturers to reduce the time of production and the cost of production, and increase revenue and profit margins.



3. Enhanced Strength

Moulding manufacturers may add some fillers into the injection moulds. With these fillers, the density of the plastic may have a reduction while when plastic being moulded, it helps in enhancing strength to the part after it has been molded.



Plastic injection moulding takes lots of machines and robotics to finish an automate process. The only operator control and manage these machine and robotics. This automatic process helps moulding manufactures reduce their labor cost.



In plastic injection moulding, manufacturers can choose different materials and colors for their parts, which shows the flexibility of injection moulding. As two main factors of injection moulding, material and color should be considered at the parts design phase. Experience plastic injection moulding maker can suggest the best material for you from a variety of resins according to your parts’ application.

The advantages of injection moulding support moulding manufacturers use different types of plastic simultaneously. Co-injection molding allows manufacturers to use not only one specific type of plastic in moulding process.



Mass production moulding may create a mount of waste. Therefore finding a moulding partner who has quality, sustainability, and optimal safety can help you improve the efficiency of production and reduce waste during moulding. Plastic moulding manufacturers have green manufacturing initiatives, with less waste, have become the reliable choice for their customers.

Generally speaking, mold design plays an important role in reducing waste. Injection moulding has high repeatability, once the mold was made, it can be used again and again. This feature allows injection moulding having a high usage rate of molds, which reduces the plastic waste.









Most of the plastic injection moulding takes automatic equipment for assembly production. This process only needs one operator to control the machine and reduced the cost of labor efficiently. With automatic production, the efficiency of injection moulding increased, then a high production output has been made.




12. Product/Part Consistency



注塑可以节省劳动力和产品ion cost and also can reduce waste, all of these help moulding manufacturers save their budgets. Besides, injection moulding has high repeatability, it has high production output rate and high efficiency and suite with various shapes and complex designs. Moreover, it has no other steps when the parts have been finished by moulding machine.

These advantages of injection moulding are the reasons why most manufacturers choose plastic injection moulding. After reading this article, 10 advantages of injection moulding will also help you understand how to choose a reliable moulding partner for your injection moulding business.


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