How To Calculate Injection Mold Costs

A plastic injection mold is a plastic tooling. A mold can cost from one thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the most important factors that affect the price of the mold are the complexity of the part (part without undercut or with undercut, part with threads? Tolerance on the plastic part) that will be produced from the mold, the size and the number of cavities. Then it is the steel (Aluminium, pre-hardened or full hardened) and mold base standard (DME or HASCO standard or LKM standard). We also have to consider more about some other factors such as injection systems (cold runner or hot runner system), surface requirement (technical polish or high gloss polish or texture surface or EDM surface) on the part, Cooling system(Whether we need BeCU insert to optimize the cooling to short the cycle time) and ejection system( whether we need double ejection). Mold Price=Engineering design cost + Material cost + Manufacturing cost + Mold trial cost + Delivery cost + profit Engineering Design Cost: 2D component drawing cost + 3D mold design cost + Moldflow Analysis cost Material cost: Steel cost + mold base cost + mold components cost + copper cost + Hot runner cost if needed Manufacturing cost: CNC manufacturing + EDM manufacturing + wire cut manufacturing + grinding manufacturing + lathe manufacturing + heat treatment if needed + polish cost if needed + texture cost if needed Mold trial cost=Plastic raw material cost + mold trial machine cost Delivery cost=samples delivery cost + mold delivery cost Still didn’t know how to calculate the plastic injection mold part price? Don’t worry, send us your part drawing with requirements, we will send you the detailed quotation sheet within 24 hours.

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