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Stebro Mold可以在不妥协的情况下处理您的原型模具要求,并通过严格的质量保证过程提供附加的价值。原型模具被称为软模具,测试模具,开发模具,桥梁工具,短期生产工具或预生产模具。塑料注塑成型原型模具在开发新产品方面非常重要,它提供了一种快速,低成本的工具解决方案,用于生产适合和功能测试的零件。原型模具还提供了测试成型过程和使用生产材料模制的优点,因此,在早期发现了任何基于过程或材料的设计缺陷,从而节省了时间和金钱。这是将低容量产量与质量产量联系起来的桥梁。

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Prototype Mold Manufacturing


Different types of Prototype Molds

Making prototype molds is as much as art as it is a science and there are a range of feasible mold types that can be utilized in order to develop prototype parts. Here are some of the few common variants for prototype molds:


MUD Molds stands for Master Unit Die molds. Sometimes, it also can refer as Mother moldbase with interchangeable inserts or quick change mold. It includes mold insert and moldbase, the inserts can share the same moldbase. Usually the mold manufacturer owns the mold base and will manufacture the insert by CNC, EDM and wire cut according to the design. It can reduce your up-front injection mold investment while maintaining the production quality and unit part cost.

2, Prototype Hand Tooling


3, Aluminum Mold Tooling

Manufacturing Aluminum is easier than manufacturing steel.

4, Steel Prototype Mold

If we use steel prototype mold, we can check both the part design, tooling structure and production issues.


Prototype Mold Manufacturing

Stebro Mold has built its success and reputation on the ability to get their customers’ parts to market quickly and cost effectively without compromising quality. Having the mold designer and mold builder in house is preferable as it eliminates finger pointing and helps hold tight timelines.
我们的工具部门能够在不到2-4周的时间内建立生产质量的低量注射模具,在某些情况下甚至更快。我们使用UG软件来执行零件设计和模具设计,Powermill软件来执行CAM。配备了高速Mikron CNC,Charmiles EDM机器,Sodick慢速电线切割机和Kent研磨机,金属拆卸速度要快得多,并且可以减少或消除对板凳或抛光程序的需求更好的表面饰面。对于所有EDM Sufaces(例如VDI3400),可以通过Charmiles EDM消除了对昂贵的纹理过程的需求和减少交付的需求。我们的短期工具制造和项目管理正在不断研究最新的技术和标准,为我们的客户提供无与伦比的质量和服务。

Advantages of prototype molds

  • Ability to test different plastic material
  • Limit the concept risk, Able to check if the part fills properly without any defects such as sink marks, buring, flow marks, welding lines and voids
  • Optimize gate location
  • 修改霉菌根据需要改善几何形状
  • 难度几何形状的复杂零件的理想选择
  • 加速概念,节省生产时间
  • 限制了金融风险,节约成本

While many of our projects focus on complete molds instead of prototypes, we do have the skills and supplies to build prototypes when needed. Many of our clients aren’t sure how to move forward with a new product in the early stages. We help you develop an efficient and cost-effective evaluation before committing to a mold for final production.


Prototype Mold Knowledge